Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Spaulding Rehab Tour & More!

We had a great evening in Charlestown last Thursday night.

The view heading over to Charlestown from the Central Wharf Ferry

Thank you to AtSite for sponsoring the event. Thank you to Perkins+Will, TCI, and Copley Wolff Design Group for facilitating the amazing tours. Your dedication to this incredible project is noteworthy. Thank you to Deborah Rivers of P+W for organizing the tour leaders for us all.

Perkins+Will has a great suite of content related to the project at their website - with excellent aerial photos. 

There's a great article "Rethinking Rehabilitation" about the hospital at GreenHealth Magazine.

Here's the AtSite team with the project architect. Looking good, Alan Friedman, Steve Black, Olav Hegland and Jeffrey Keilman of Perkins+Will

Great group of over 75 professionals came out to hear brief presentations and then tour the building & grounds. 

More than a few Chapter regulars made it out to see and be seen!

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Weekly Bulletin to 7/18/14

Thank you to all who came out to our monthly networking night at Spaulding Hospital yesterday. Thank you to event sponsor AtSite and to Deborah Rivers of Perkins+Will for organizing the tours of that amazing facility. More photos coming soon!

Coming up next week we have the EPMA "Oceanview Summer Social" at the Atlantic Beer Garden. This would be Wednesday, 7/23 from 6-9pm. There will be Mad Libs and free appetizers, courtesy Forbo Flooring. All are welcome - hosted by the Emerging Professionals but open to all!

I wrote a bit about upcoming events the other day - take a look to see what's in the works. There are some committee meetings listed in there too.

Don't forget to send a note to your state representative in order to endorse the PACE financing bill. We have a template letter you can use right here on the blog. Thank you for lending your support to this initiative!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Building Above Code - HERS Ratings (a note from Martha's Vineyard)

by Rose Ryley Courcier, NAR GREEN Designation, Sandpiper Realty

On a recent muggy July morning I walked up through some heavily landscaped hedge screening, typical of an Edgartown Village property, to find another usual summer site on Martha’s Vineyard: homeowners lounging poolside by their brand new guesthouse. They were enjoying late morning coffees while their golden retriever Stella pounced around the new decking and perfectly sodded lawn. I introduced myself, “Rose from Sandpiper Realty ... I’m here to meet with Ben and Heather.”

The homeowner excitedly jumped up and welcomed me into her home like any other friend stopping by to admire the recently completed, totally polished two bedroom guest house, complete with massive second story deck, and framed by a full tennis court. We glided effortlessly from the outside in. Upon nearing the floating steps leading down to the lower level, she yelled out, “Rose is here, she’s wearing shoes!”
“No shoes!” I heard from another voice that bounced off the walls below.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Progress on PACE Legislation

Last Thursday, the Massachusetts Senate voted to approve S.2255, which was previously known as S.177 "An Act to promote job creation through energy efficiency." 

The USGBC MA Chapter is thrilled that this legislation has moved this far this year.

Now it's time to push it to the House - we want a vote in the next two weeks, before the session closes.

Please send a letter, as soon as possible, using the language below, to 

Please customize the letter according to your position and your organization. You may refer to your affiliation in the Chapter and as a stakeholder in the USGBC, of course.

Thank you very much for your support!
-Grey Lee

July 14, 2014

Representative Robert A. DeLeo
Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives
State House, Room 356
Boston, MA 02133

Dear Speaker DeLeo,
On behalf of the US Green Building Council, Massachusetts Chapter, representing over 5000 LEED Accredited Professionals and associated green building proponents, I write today in support of S. 2255 (formerly S. 177), An Act fueling job creation through energy efficiency – and for its passage on the House side. Filed by Senator Brian A. Joyce, this bill will create jobs, increase property values, encourage private investment, and reinforce Massachusetts’ role as a leader in energy efficiency and disaster resilience. I urge the House to pass this important measure which was passed in the Senate last week.

PACE financing provides property owners access to low-cost, off-balance sheet capital, by way of betterment lien placed on the property and payable like a property tax bill. Across the nation, successful PACE programs have provided a new and innovative way for property owners to finance energy efficiency upgrades, renewable energy projects, and water conservation measures. The Massachusetts legislation also will allow property owners to upgrade buildings with resiliency improvements, to reduce or eliminate damage caused by extreme weather events, similar to the Florida PACE program. The availability of this new tool for project finance will result in new projects which will mean more work for people in the renewable energy & allied industries of Massachusetts.

S. 2255 will make necessary improvements to the Commonwealth’s current PACE program, creating a streamlined, centrally administered PACE program that is capable of achieving economies of scale and will be easily adopted by municipalities. The new program will require lender consent and will focus on the pent up demand for energy efficiency and disaster-resilience financing in the commercial and industrial sector.

Passage of S. 2255 will fuel job creation and spur private investment, cementing Massachusetts' role as a leader in energy efficiency and resilience. As green building professionals, we look forward to the enactment of this legislation as it supports our mission.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

[your name & organization here]