Friday, August 29, 2014

The Weekly Bulletin to 8/29/14

I hope you're all looking forward to a great Labor Day Weekend - it's that time of the year to squeeze out the last drops of summer. 

Have you seen these green buildings?

As for the USGBC in Massachusetts, we have a few things coming up:

Next Monday the 8th: Residential Green Building Committee. They will be hosting a presentation about sustainable forestry and timber construction from Michael Sigmon and Jack Mackin of Chapter Sponsor Sterritt Lumber. 

Our Combined Committees Quarterly Gathering will be Thursday, Sept. 11th, and will be our official "Open House" at our new offices. All Chapter working group and committee leaders are invited to attend.

Coming up in September: The LEED Project Showcase! Reach out to your colleagues now! We want their certified projects to be in our show. This is a major fundraiser for the Chapter and it's going to be an excellent time for all. If you know someone who is "on the fence" - put them in touch with Grey.

This is the LEED Gold East Boston Neighborhood Health Center - 

eligible for the Showcase!

Also, in October, DisruptCRE is a mini-conference we're participating in to bring together innovators and startups who are going to reshape the way real estate is done - from crowdfunding to co-working, and also how buildings are created and operated. The Chapter is sponsoring a panel on "The Science of Buildings" to go into the technologies that are transforming our practice. And often saving energy and improving tenant experience at the end of the day. We won't mention how LEED was a major disruptor of the entire industry when it came out 15 years ago and is still making waves...

Big news from USGBC: we are partnering with the American Chemistry Council to explore how to improve sustainability in materials and product supply chains. And to help the ACC stop trying to ban LEED. Very interesting development.

We hope to see you at an upcoming Chapter event, or, just bump into you in a green building!

Where is the green building? (hint: recent event was there)

And here is a REALLY green "building!"

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Member Spotlight and Marathoner Samantha DeMagistris

Today we get to know Samantha. I just met her via phone during our last Membership Committee meetings. She brings a breath of fresh air and diversity to the Committee. Let's get started!

USGBCMA: What is your current job and how does it differ from past jobs in regards to Sustainability?

Samantha: I have worked in the Real Estate Services Industry for over 5 years. Since 2013 I have focused on commercial janitorial services for the United Services of America located at One Beacon Street where I have been working as Director of Account Services focusing on business development and account management. My specialties include implementing Green Cleaning programs and helping companies achieve their LEED certification. Before I joined my current employer, I worked at Capital Paper Recycling/Mass Hauling managing recycling programs in over 25 million SF of office space! I was able to save 75 accounts a total of $3.5million through various recycling programs and marketing efforts by diverting over 40,000 tons from the waste stream between 2009-12. In addition, I worked on 2 dozen LEED certification projects in Boston assisting clients with their MR, EA and EQ credits as well as conducting LEED compliant waste audits for everyone ( WOW Sam really puts her money where her waste is! - editor )

USGBCMA: When did you first become interested in Sustainability?

Samantha: While working at Capital Paper Recycling/Mass Hauling, I became an expert in comercial recycling and waste disposal services in the downtown Boston market. Helping buildings increase their recycling rates and promoting building sustainability efforts. Organic/food waste recycling has become another passion of mine in which I worked with both retail and office tenants to develop and implement programs which resulted in decrease disposal costs; Green Restaurant Certifications which is complying with the state and local regulations on the upcoming food waste ban ( eg. City of Boston's enacting a mandatory composting program for facilities producing a certain amount of food waste - editor )

USGBCMA: Why are you a member of the Chapter and how did you get there?
Samantha: In 2012, I achieved my LEED O+M accreditation by maintaining my credentials through LEED projects and seminars. At the Chapter, I've had the opportunity to meet interesting people and attend informative events on green building regulations.

USGBCMA: How are you an environmental steward?

Samantha: Professionally I help businesses reduce their environmental impact by replacing conventional cleaning product with those that can be naturally derived, safe and non toxic. Along with improving indoor air quality, green cleaning products can also increase work productivity. On a personal note, I try to recycle as much as possible both in my office and at home. When I go grocery shopping, I concentrate on buying in bulk and look for products with as little packaging as possible. Community Service is important to me. In the past, I've volunteered through Building Impact to help clean Pope John Paul II Park Reservation on National Service Day. I've also volunteered with one of my former clients, Fidelity, at the Mario Umana Middle School Academy for their site "transformation day" where I leveraged painting and planting skills to create site improvements.

USGBCMA: How do you help raise environmental awareness?

Samantha: While I am not one for shaming my friends for buying numerous packs of bottle water or for not recycling them afterwards (let's face it, no one is perfect and there are times that plastic water bottles are convenient and no recycling bins are around), I do like to educate them on the benefits of being green. Being green isn't just about recycling. I think it's less about 'stuff', more about supporting local businesses and farms, reusing 'stuff' when possible and being a green advocate.

USGBCMA: If I needed to find you on a Saturday afternoon, where would it be?

Samantha: Training for my upcoming marathon in Savannah, GA.

Monday, August 25, 2014

EPMA Sustainable Bike tour of the Emerald Necklace

By Ryan Montoni, The Green Engineer

Overall, the bike tour turned out to be a huge success!

All who attended would all like to thank Jessica Mink from MassPaths for providing us with a wonderful, seventeen mile ride through places that most of us were previously unfamiliar with.  

During the three hour ride, we were able to see Franklin Park, the Arnold Arboretum,  the Audubon Boston Nature Center, and much more.

MassPaths is a non-profit organizations whose goal is to increase the proportion of non-polluting, human-powered vehicles in the transportation mix by promoting the development of off-road routes or bike paths that allow bikes to travel all the places that cars can.

Thanks again Jessica! Our chapter fully supports your mission and we are looking forward to working with MassPaths again soon!

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Weekly Bulletin to 8/22/14

Summertime and the green building is easy!

Especially with the new announcement of integration across Standard 189.1 - linking ASHRAE, IES, the IgCC, and LEED. Read about it in a great post by Brendan Owens at USGBC

We have our EPMA Sustainable Building Bike Tour tomorrow in Boston (starting in Cambridge).

We have a Green Schools Committee meeting on Tuesday, 8/26 at 6pm in Boston. We'll be finalizing planning for the Green Apple Day of Service. So far we have about 25 projects in the works, throughout the state. This year we are offering "mini-grants" to help fund supplies for the service projects. Sponsors of the mini-grants include: National Grid, NStar, Capitol Waste Services, Re-Stream, and Triumph Modular.

Coming up in September: The LEED Project Showcase! Reach out to your colleagues now! We want their certified projects to be in our show. This is a major fundraiser for the Chapter and it's going to be an excellent time for all.

Also, in October, DisruptCRE is a mini-conference we're participating in to bring together innovators and startups who are going to reshape the way real estate is done - from crowdfunding to co-working, and also how buildings are created and operated. The Chapter is sponsoring a panel on "The Science of Buildings" to go into the technologies that are transforming our practice. And often saving energy and improving tenant experience at the end of the day. We won't mention how LEED was a major disruptor of the entire industry when it came out 15 years ago and is still making waves...

Another pic of our finally fit-out office - now on the 15th floor of 50 Milk Street - at CIC Boston!

The view from our new corner cubicle - hey! It's a green building right there! Who knows which one it is? 

Thanks for being a part of the USGBC. See you at an event real soon!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

$5600 in Mini Grants Available for Green Apple Day of Service Projects

MA logo

On September 27, 2014 students, teachers, parents, and companies from around the world will come together in support of healthy, sustainable schools as part of Green Apple Day of Service. Through local service projects, we are bringing attention to the fact that "where we learn matters".

Green Apple Day of Service (GADOS) is the Green Schools Committee's biggest program - and this year we have mini-grants available to support schools in their greening efforts! Please pass along this opportunity to your local school - even better take advantage of this opportunity if you work for a school. Details about the mini-grant application process are below. The deadline is tight - August 25, 2014 - but if you are interested and need more time contact me directly - Steve Muzzy

Green Apple Day of Service Mini-Grant Details

Thanks to the generous support of Capitol Waste ServicesTriumph ModularRe-Stream,ArrowstreetNational GridNSTAR, and Excel Dryer,  the USGBC MA Chapter is providing a total of 14 grants of $400 each to help Massachusetts schools fund Green Apple Day of Service projects such as a recycling assembly, garden planting, waste free lunch, clutter cleanouts, etc.

In addition, local utilities, National Grid and NSTAR have made an additional twelve mini grants of $400 available to schools that are in these respective service territories for ENERGY RELATED TOPICS. Note that National Grid has split their 6 grants and are offering 3 grants each to schools in MA and RI. To see which utility your school is under check the following links - NSTAR communities and National Grid communities. 

Grant Eligibility:
  1. Any K-12 school or college, university in the State of Massachusetts is eligible to apply for a USGBC MA Green Apple Day of Service mini grant.
  2. Schools applying for NSTAR or National Grid grants must be in these utility service territories. 
Grant Deliverables - if awarded the grant, you agree to the following:  
  1. Register your Green Apple Day of Service project at by September 1, 2014. See current MA registered projects.
  2. Document your project/event by taking pictures and/or video and sharing them along with a 300-word blog post with USGBC MA.
  3. Share your event via social media and include the @usgbcma in your tweets.
  4. Provide USGBC MA with the total number of students, staff, and community members involved with your project, any leveraged funds and total cost of the project by October 1, 2014.
To apply for a GADOS Mini-Grant:  

Green Apple projects are held at schools on or around September 27th, 2014. Application deadline has been extended to August 25, 2014. Awards will be made in early September.

Contact USGBC MA Green Schools Program Manager, Steve Muzzy at 413-376-5078 or learn more on our website:

Thank you to our generous Green Apple Day of Service Mini Grant sponsors and their support of healthy, sustainable schools. 

Granny Smith 

Honey Crisp


Friday, August 15, 2014

The Weekly Bulletin to 8/15/14

by Grey Lee, USGBC MA

What's been going on? I hope you've had a good time getting out into the countryside, or the oceanside for that matter. Though the city existence has good moments too.

Coming up next Saturday is our EPMA Summer Bike Tour. We'll head from Cambridge to Boston along the Emerald Necklace. Register on the above link. We'll meet at 1pm at Cambridge Bicycle and spend about 3 hours in the saddle. It will be a great time!

We have a Green Schools Committee meeting on Tuesday, 8/26 at 6pm in Boston. We'll be finalizing planning for the Green Apple Day of Service. So far we have about 25 projects in the works, throughout the state. This year we are offering "mini-grants" to help fund supplies for the service projects. Sponsors of the mini-grants include: National Grid, NStar, Capitol Waste Services, Re-Stream, and Triumph Modular.

Everyone is catching the fever for LEED Projects! Yes, and we'll be celebrating on Tuesday, 9/30, at Genzyme in Cambridge. This year's LEED Project Showcase will be the biggest one yet. We are reaching out to all 180 project teams from the past many months to find firms who want to sponsor the event. There are great opportunities to present, get a video done, get an ad distributed and of course network at the actual event. Check out the Sponsorship Packages now!

 Here's Jim Newman presenting on resilience earlier this week - based on his report "Building Resilience in Boston" and how it connects with the residential marketplace. Where are your mechanicals? Do you really want that beach-front property? How can we use the threat of severe weather events as an opportunity to improve our communities? Thanks Jim - that was a great presentation.

Other events this week were the "Switch Flipping Ceremony" for Boston Properties' 820kW array in Waltham and Eric Corey Freed's "The Net Zero Imperative" presentation. 

Stay tuned to the USGBC MA Chapter as we bring you more of the best as we promote, facilitate and celebrate MORE GREEN BUILDINGS!

Looking at Mt. Passaconaway from Hedgehog Mountain

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Net Zero Imperative with Eric Corey Freed

Star of the organicARCHITECT world, Eric Corey Freed came to the USGBC MA to present his program on "The Net Zero Imperative" this morning. Almost 20 practitioners came out to roll up their sleeves and hear Eric's 20-point plan on how to get to net zero in their work on the built environment.

We had attendees representing state and local governments, including the City's Environment Department, community developers, building scientists, architects, contractors, LEED consultants and biomimicry experts. It was a great crowd and engaging discussions ensued.

The "20 Steps to Net Zero" of organicARCHITECT are:

  • Integrated Design Process
  • Load Reduction
  • Site Design
  • Energy Model
  • Orientation
  • Massing
  • Envelope
  • Daylighting
  • Systems Efficiency
  • Passive
  • Active
  • Recovery
  • Regeneration
  • Self Generation
  • Offsets
  • Operational Best Practices
  • Maintenance
  • Occupant Behavior Management
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Education
All told, it was a tour-de-force and inspirational presentation. You'll have to come out for his next presentation in the spring of 2015.

Eric's overarching message: just do it. Don't ask. If you have to, sneak it in!

It was a great presentation of over 600 slides. Whew! Thank you Eric!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Putting Solar On It: Boston Properties Garage Roof 840kW PV Array

Monday witnessed the "Switch Flipping" ceremony for Boston Properties' new solar array at their Bay Colony Corporate Center in Waltham, MA. 

See the previous blog for the details on the system.

Many of the project participants were in attendance along with local and state dignitaries to celebrate.

It was great to attend and see real leaders for the future of sustainability in real estate. Congratulations and thank you Boston Properties!

Here is the scene: on a hillside in western Waltham, on the "outside" of Rt. 128, accessible from Winter Street, is Bay Colony, a couple million s.f. of prime Class A corporate office space. On a parking structure, the Boston Properties team, led by Chapter Director Ben Myers, conceived, organized (& financed) and implemented an 840kW PV array. In the distance you can see other Boston Properties holdings in Back Bay, Boston, on the horizon.

According to the team, this is the largest one of its kind in the Northeast. Participants included: Solaire, Healthy Planet Partners, and Boston Properties.

Also in attendance were members of the regional brokerage team - including Bruce Lee of Lee Partners of New England who used to work at Bay Colony (on left) and Boston Properties' SVP of Leasing, David Provost (on right).

Boston Properties is clearly a leader on sustainability in the built environment. They have one of the largest portfolios of LEED certified space in the state, and I've heard they are going for a net-zero project in Boston in the near future...

Here we have Senior VP Bryan Koop, Construction Manager (and Chapter Director) Ben Myers (who coordinated the project) and Michael Richter of Healthy Planet Partners discussing how they'll present and manage to "flip the switch".

Congratulations, Ben, nice work on behalf of our movement!

The Boston Properties Team "Array!"

Press Release for Boston Properties' 840 kW Solar Array in Waltham

By Laura Sesody, Boston Properties

Boston Properties, Healthy Planet Partners and Solaire Generation Complete Northeast’s Largest Garage-Mounted Solar Canopy – 840 kW Solar Array at Boston Properties’ BAy Colony Office Park in Waltham, MA

Flipping the Switch: Undersecretary Mark Sylvia of the MA EEA, Michael Richter of Healthy Planet Partners, Laurence Mackler of Solaire, and Bryan Koop of Boston Properties

August 11, 2014 - Boston Properties (NYSE: BXP), Healthy Planet Partners (“HPP”) and Solaire Generation today announced they were “Flipping the Switch” on the Northeastern United States’ largest garage mounted solar canopy at Boston Properties’ Bay Colony. The solar canopy covers 60,000 ft2 at the 950 Winter Street parking garage. The 840 kW installation is projected to produce more than one (1) million kWh of renewable power annually. The energy produced is equivalent to twenty percent of Bay Colony Building 950’s total consumption or enough energy to power 130 Massachusetts homes. Annually, renewable energy generated by the solar array will offset 340 metric tons of CO2. 

“HPP is extremely proud of this partnership with Boston Properties, a leading commercial REIT in the U.S.,” said Michael Richter, Managing Partner of Healthy Planet Partners. “This significant solar project illustrates a strong commitment to efficient and sustainable operation of buildings and facilities. This effort should serve as a model for the utilization of parking garages across Massachusetts and beyond.”

“With the commissioning of this solar canopy, our properties now host 950 kW of solar installations,” stated Bryan Koop, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager of Boston Properties. “We are pleased to do our part in reaching the State’s aggressive goal of achieving 1,600 MW of installed solar power by 2020.” 

Solaire Generation’s CEO Laurence Mackler added, “Solaire is thrilled to be a part of this exciting project. We applaud Boston Properties’ taking advantage of significant space available on their parking lots and thinking beyond traditional rooftop and ground-mount solar installations. ”

The project included the installation of 2,850 panels and nearly 300 tons of steel. In addition to generating clean energy at a discounted rate to the customers at Bay Colony, the canopies protect employees and visitors at 950 Winter Street from the elements. 

About Healthy Planet Partners, LLC

Headquartered in Greenwich, CT, Healthy Planet Partners, LLC (“HPP”), is a diversified asset manager focused on investments in energy and infrastructure. The firm provides capital, expertise, and a broad network of experts to help clients minimize environmental impact and maximize performance. HPP targets investments serving commercial, industrial, governmental and utility clients in energy and infrastructure. For further information about HPP, see

About Boston Properties

Boston Properties is a fully integrated, self-administered and self-managed real estate investment trust that develops, redevelops, acquires, manages, operates and owns a diverse portfolio of Class A office space, one hotel, three residential properties and four retail properties. The Company is one of the largest owners and developers of Class A office properties in the United States, concentrated in four markets - Boston, New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC. For more information about Boston Properties, see

About Solaire Generation

Solaire Generation is the market leader for the design, fabrication, and installation of elegant solar solutions. With more than 40 MW of solar parking canopies installed to date, Solaire is expanding its offerings to include financing and development of carport, roof, and ground solar projects, as well as a la carte EPC services. Solaire is active across the United States and in select international markets. For further information about Solaire Generation, see

Monday, August 11, 2014

USGBC Massachusetts Chapter: West Branch - Summer Social 2014

By Mark Dunn, Chair, USGBC MA West Branch

Friday, August 8th, approximately two dozen members of the USGBC MA West Branch (and friends & family) attended the second annual Summer Social BBQ at the home of former West Branch Chair, Ludmilla Pavlova-Gilham, in North Amherst.

We convened our monthly organizational meeting during the social event. Topics included:
  • Organizing for the Green Apple Day of Service
  • Enhancing communications and using social media
  • Exploring the webinar, study group and GBCI credit-reporting situations
  • Update on the Common School
  • Update on USGBC National's re-organization of the Chapters & membership process
It was a great gathering had by all. Especially enjoyable was meeting people new to the group, through the Western MA Green Consortium. We all look forward to further collaboration among members of our green building community in Western Massachusetts.

Happy Rest-of-Summer, Everyone!

Leading Edge Green Partnership Program = donations for USGBC Massachusetts

New Program Gives Back to Non-Profits Whose Missions Include Sustainability and Green Buildings

Natick, MA (July 31, 2014) – RE/MAX of New England is pleased to announce that Boston-based RE/MAX Leading Edge has unveiled the Leading Edge Green Partnership Program (LEGPP). The program is designed to reward non-profits that support green building and sustainability in Massachusetts, as well as to promote market transformation towards healthier and more energy-efficient buildings in the Commonwealth. 

Craig Foley (Green Partnership Program), Travis Estes (Next Step Living), and Grey Lee (USGBC MA)
The pilot transaction featured an employee from Next Step Living, New England’s leading provider of home energy solutions, who purchased a home with the help of National Association of REALTORS® Green Designee, Craig Foley, of RE/MAX Leading Edge. The transaction closed at the end of May and resulted in a check for 5% of the gross commission to the Massachusetts Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The USGBC is a registered 501(c)(3) and a champion of green building.

“We really appreciate this kind of support for our mission to facilitate more green buildings and market transformation,” said Grey Lee, Executive Director of the MA Chapter of the USGBC. “The green partnership program that RE/MAX Leading Edge has created underlines their commitment to the green marketplace.

The program refers real estate buyers and sellers to Massachusetts real estate agents that have achieved the National Association of REALTORS® Green Designation. More information about the designation can be found via the Green Resource Council website

“RE/MAX Leading Edge has emerged as a frontrunner in the green housing market,” said Dan Breault, Executive Vice President and Regional Director of RE/MAX of New England. “This partnership with Next Step Living is a great step toward creating a more sustainable building environment in Massachusetts.”

“We are excited to have developed our first substantial collaboration by partnering with Next Step Living. It’s the perfect match to initiate the program,” said Paul Mydelski, broker-owner of RE/MAX Leading Edge. “Being able to give back to the USGBC, a non-profit committed to green building and market transformation, is a perfect mix of players.” 

“Next Step Living is pleased to have this outstanding new partnership with RE/MAX Leading Edge,” said Gabe Shapiro, vice president of outreach programs at Next Step Living. “We have a shared goal to help people live more sustainably and are proud to work with such a leader in promoting green homes.” 

Mission aligned companies and non-profits that would like to participate and support market transformation with NAR Green Designated agents throughout the state should contact Craig Foley, the Chief of Energy Solutions for RE/MAX Leading Edge, at for more information about the LEGPP. NAR Green Designated agents are encouraged to contact Craig about the program; affiliation with RE/MAX is not required.

About RE/MAX of New England and RE/MAX Integra

Since its inception in 1985, RE/MAX of New England has grown to over 200 offices and 2,700 sales associates throughout Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, providing franchised residential and commercial real estate services to its franchisees and their real estate professionals. 

About Next Step Living

Next Step Living, No. 84 on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing companies in the country, is the leading provider of whole-home energy solutions in New England. Headquartered in Boston’s Innovation District, Next Step Living makes it easy and affordable for people to live in homes with a low environmental impact. For information about buying and selling energy-efficient homes, download a complimentary ebook.

About U.S. Green Building Council, MA Chapter

The mission of the Chapter is to promote the design, construction, and operation of sustainable buildings and communities in Massachusetts through education, collaboration, and advocacy, enabling an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy and prosperous environment that improves the quality of life.

About the National Association of REALTORS® Green Designation

NAR's Green Designation is the only National Association of REALTORS® conferred real estate designation designed for agents engaged in issues of energy efficiency and sustainability in the various facets of real estate.

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Weekly Bulletin to 8/8/14

New office, new views:

The Chapter hasn't missed a beat. We are moving full steam ahead with vigorous programming for the rest of the year. We just had our August Board Meeting and discussed our upcoming website renovation - we have just selected a contractor and have a design charette in two weeks. We also talked about strategic priorities going into 2015 and how to engage on two or three major efforts to build out our capacity to reach our vision. What would you say to focus on? 

We also went through our budget and talked about events, fundraising and membership. 

Of course the big event is the Massachusetts LEED Project Showcase 2014 on September 30, 2014 at Genzyme.

All project parties are welcome to present a mounted poster of their LEED-Certified building(s) as a "Project Board Sponsor." There are many categories of sponsorship resulting in advertising, video, and live presenting opportunities at the event. Look at the opportunities on our Showcase Sponsorship page

Next week, we have a workshop on 8/14/14 in Boston: The NET ZERO Imperative with the architect Eric Corey Freed.

Also next week, on Monday, the Residential Green Building Committee will gather to discuss green residential financing programs.

The Membership Committee is meeting on Tuesday evening.

Both of these meetings are in Boston.

One last thing to keep on the calendar is the EPMA Summer Bike Tour - on Saturday August 23rd. We'll be biking from Central Sq, Cambridge, over to the Fenway all the way to the Arboretum. See you there!

 From our new office, we can see one of the biggest green buildings in Boston - One Beacon Place. They were also winners of our Green Building of the Year award this year. 

Below: getting together with the Living Building Challenge Collaborative. We were hosted at Next Phase Studios in Back Bay, planning a presentation for October.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nitsch Engineering Ranked #2 Best Civil Engineering Firm to Work For

Congratulations Nitsch Engineering and USGBC MA Chapter Sponsor for being named a great place to work!

For the sixth time, Nitsch Engineering, Inc. – a Boston-based civil engineering, land surveying, transportation engineering, sustainable site consulting, planning, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) firm – has been recognized as one of the Best Firms to Work For in the United States by ZweigWhite. Nitsch Engineering was ranked #2 in the ranking of civil engineering firms, and #4 in the A/E industry overall.

“We are particularly proud of this award because the ranking weighs employee feedback more heavily than corporate information – which shows us that we’ve been successful in building a company where our employees feel respected, have challenging and exciting work, and are happy with the direction the firm has taken,” said Lisa A. Brothers, PE, LEED AP, President and CEO of Nitsch Engineering. “Nitsch Engineering is dedicated to continuing to listen to our employees and to provide them with the work/life balance and professional growth opportunities that directly address their needs. We look forward to continuing to improve our workplace as we grow in the future – and to hopefully being ranked #1 soon!”  

The Best Firms to Work For list is one of the most meaningful rankings in the industry. The annual competition includes a corporate survey which accounts for 25% of the total score, and an employee satisfaction survey that accounts for 75% of the total score. Grading criteria include corporate culture, benefits, compensation, professional development, performance/recognition, and recruiting/retention. All of this year’s winners can be seen on ZweigWhite’s website at  
About Nitsch Engineering

Nitsch Engineering ( specializes in providing civil engineering, land surveying, transportation engineering, sustainable site consulting, planning, and GIS services. Since 1989, the company has worked with developers, corporate and institutional owners, public agencies, and design professionals on major private development and public infrastructure projects in 18 states and five countries. Nitsch Engineering is the largest Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) civil engineering firm in Massachusetts, and is also certified as a WBE by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.