Monday, August 25, 2014

EPMA Sustainable Bike tour of the Emerald Necklace

By Ryan Montoni, The Green Engineer

Overall, the bike tour turned out to be a huge success!

All who attended would all like to thank Jessica Mink from MassPaths for providing us with a wonderful, seventeen mile ride through places that most of us were previously unfamiliar with.  

During the three hour ride, we were able to see Franklin Park, the Arnold Arboretum,  the Audubon Boston Nature Center, and much more.

MassPaths is a non-profit organizations whose goal is to increase the proportion of non-polluting, human-powered vehicles in the transportation mix by promoting the development of off-road routes or bike paths that allow bikes to travel all the places that cars can.

Thanks again Jessica! Our chapter fully supports your mission and we are looking forward to working with MassPaths again soon!

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