Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Spaulding Rehab Tour & More!

We had a great evening in Charlestown last Thursday night.

The view heading over to Charlestown from the Central Wharf Ferry

Thank you to AtSite for sponsoring the event. Thank you to Perkins+Will, TCI, and Copley Wolff Design Group for facilitating the amazing tours. Your dedication to this incredible project is noteworthy. Thank you to Deborah Rivers of P+W for organizing the tour leaders for us all.

Perkins+Will has a great suite of content related to the project at their website - with excellent aerial photos. 

There's a great article "Rethinking Rehabilitation" about the hospital at GreenHealth Magazine.

Here's the AtSite team with the project architect. Looking good, Alan Friedman, Steve Black, Olav Hegland and Jeffrey Keilman of Perkins+Will

Great group of over 75 professionals came out to hear brief presentations and then tour the building & grounds. 

More than a few Chapter regulars made it out to see and be seen!

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