Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Curley K-8 involves many partners for Green Apple Day of Service

by Stephanie Selznick 


The Curley K-8 School Green Apple Day of Service day was September 26. Our plan was to clean up the school grounds, plant bulbs, rake, and mulch our mini garden. We had perfect weather, not to hot or cold. We started at 9AM and went to 2:20PM. Volunteers came from Viridian, MASSCOSH, EPA, parents, students and teachers. 

We started by having 3rd grade students plant bulbs in the side and front of the school. Each student dug a hole very deep and put a bulb in, some students raked the outdoor classroom and some picked up the apples that fell on the ground. Viridian volunteers and some students weeded the mini garden and raked. 

As the morning went on more students came out and helped with the clean up. Everyone wanted to rake which was extremely surprising because the year before we did the Green Apple Day of Service, no one wanted to rake. Students planted dug holes and planted more bulbs. The students were very serious about making the holes deep which was nice that they really cared so much. The volunteers came for the entire morning and did plenty of work with the students. The mini garden looked just as good as it did in the spring. I was very impressed and happy.

After lunch the teachers, parents, k1students, autistic students, grade 6, and grade 8 came out to help with the clean up and planting. It was nice to see the middle school students helping the K1 students with hole digging. Everyone planted bulbs and raked the front and side yard of the school. We planted over 400 bulbs, bagged over 20 bags of leaves and not one complaint by the students. Every student had a smile on their face. We really care for our school and it showed that day.

I can't wait till next year to do this again!

Stephanie Selznick 
Curley K-8 School
40 Pershing Rd.
Jamaica Plain, MA. 02130
Science Specialist

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