Friday, January 9, 2015

Great new resource for Green Leasing from A Better City

Congratulations to ABC (A Better City) - the convener's of Boston's "Challenge for Sustainability" in the commercial real estate world.

They have recently produced a report on "Green Leasing"  - providing guidance on how tenants and landlords can come together to improve lease agreements with clauses that support sustainability in buildings.

Areas of opportunity to increase the sustainability of leases include:
Energy efficiency cost pass-through clauses,
Operational clauses,
Sustainable purchasing clauses,
Reporting Clauses

The group also identified barriers to wider green lease implementation. These include:
A lack of knowledge of potential green lease clauses,
Brokers and lawyers being unfamiliar with green leasing practices.

We look forward to working with ABC, our Members and other industry partners to improve building performance through greener leases. Thank you to ABC, Boston's Green Ribbon Commission, and Meister Consultants for putting together this project.

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