Friday, September 26, 2014

Emerging Professionals Tour of Hostelling International - Boston

By Jenna Dancewicz, EPMA & Suffolk Construction

Last evening, green building enthusiasts from all around attended the USGBC EPMA tour of Hostelling International (HI) -Boston. HI-Boston is the third largest hostel in the USA and is located in the historic Dill Building, which was originally built between 1886-1888. The building is LEED Silver certified and it is the City of Boston’s first accommodation provider to achieve LEED certification! You can read about the building's green features here. HI-Boston has also won several green and sustainability awards including the 2013 USGBC MA Green Innovation Award.

HI-Boston emphasizes sustainability and community within its core values. One of the many ways to learn about the green features in the building is by scanning one of the bar codes in a room and information pops up on your phone with its sustainable features. Very innovative! All the wood tables are reclaimed wood from the demolition of the interior of the building. The metal chairs in the cafeteria are made from 100% recycled soda cans. HI-Boston also prides itself on a green housekeeping program by using environmentally friendly products and encourages travel-goers to reuse their linens and towels for at least 7 days. From the pool tables in the game rooms to an open cafeteria to community rooms, HI-Boston makes it easy for travelers from around the world to connect.

Thank you to Martine McDonagh and Paul Kuhne with HI-Boston for having us, and Dee Spiro (Bergmeyer) and Katrina Walther (Suffolk Construction) for helping with the tour!

This is only a small amount of information about HI-Boston. To learn more, please visit their website here!”

The EPMA continued our tradition of heavy networking at Sweetwater's pub just down the block from HI-Boston and continued to build relationships across industry sectors. #moregreenbuildings!

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