Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hull Public Schools - Green Apple Day of Service connects High School and Elementary School

by Nicole Palermo Cristaldi

The Green Apple Day of Service project for Hull Public Schools took place at 180 Harborview Road, on the beautiful peninsula of Hull, Massachusetts. What a fantastic day for all involved!  The Mini-Grant awarded by USGBC MA Chapter and their generous sponsors allowed students from Hull High School to join forces with students from the Lillian Jacobs Elementary School to erect their long awaited gardens on September 24, 2014. The efforts of the Hull Parent Teacher Organization coupled with Holly Hill Farm, educated students on the food cycle, the basics of preparing raised bed gardens, basic carpentry and gardening skills.

Since April of 2014, the Students of Lillian Jacobs Elementary School have been learning the cycle of food through their cafeteria composting program.  The composted apples, oranges, bananas & undressed veggies tuned into beautiful, nutrient -rich soil in the New Age Composter provided by The Massachusetts EPA’s Green TEAM! The Green Apple Day Project will allow the students to witness the next stage of the food cycle – growing your food!

At each recess, the younger students watched as the high school students prepared the earth for the new gardens, by measuring the plots of land (4x8) and removing grass and weeds from the area.  The untreated rough cut pine was then measured and cut to size. After the beds were screwed together and reinforced by the students, the beds were filled with organic soil. Soon after they were finished, all students outside were invited to join Jon Belber from Holly Hill Farm to plant the first seeds, organic radishes, taking only 24 days to mature.  The students we so excited to plant their seed into the soil and even more motivated to water their little accomplishment!

The Green Apple Day Project impacted over 500 students and inspired the High School students to start the process for implementing their own gardens at Hull High! 

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